Designer Magazines

And their art -- please give me a break. Plain, colorless, passionless, or non-existent talent describes their art. Why? Are their designers missing an education in art history? Or maybe they've never visited a gallery. Or maybe they are afraid or even terrified of color, personality, or individuality. They fear anything new! They fear anything different!


Color, vibrancy, line, form, and personality intimidate the designers in too many publications. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can walk into a local gallery (at least they could before the Covid19 virus) to see what their local artists were doing. And the prices at these galleries are frequently as reasonable as some mass-produced, poorly reproduced painting on the walls of a furniture store.  The artists in your local gallery, or the lady or gentleman sitting behind the desk, would LOVE to talk to a potential buyer. Yes, we would love to speak to you.  


So don't settle for a third-rate reproduction from a store that will over-charge you. Go to the artist directly. Or visit a local gallery and see what is there. Make them an offer. Yes, artists will negotiate. But please don't buy the nothing-artwork, the non-existent replica of an art piece that is lifeless, humorless, and plain that is shoved on you, the American public every day. You are alive. We artists are alive, too.


Okay, life is a little weird these days. But art is a reflection of life. It is a human way of communicating. It represents feelings. It is a human form of love that we share in a profound way.