How Beige Can Your Life Get?

Color is everywhere. Except in our apartments, our restaurants, and our lives. Why? Why this move toward restaurants that resemble factories and prison cells rather than a cozy corner booth done in a dark, vibrant red? Why must our drab lives be drained of all that is uplifting?

Isn’t there enough misery in the world? Why must muddy-colored paintings, drab interiors, and darkness envelop every fraction of our lives? I have been to fifteen restaurants in San Diego that embrace this anemic look and its resemblance to all that is sad in our lives.

Politics, war, famine, shootings, and strife reign across the world. So to make matters worse, we choose brown and black in art and interiors to do what – lift our spirits?

Give me color any day. I am an artist. I thrive on nature, which has given us a palette that we can only hope to replicate on canvas or paper.